BLINGCRETE™ light reflecting concrete

A new material development

BlingCrete™ represents a new genre of materials with its own logic of effect that cannot be described simply in terms of the usual categories of heavy and light or form, construction, and surface. BlingCrete™, also known as light-reflecting concrete, combines the positive characteristics of concrete (fire safety, solidity, building methods) with those of light-reflection. The dialog with light, lastingly integrated by the combination of materials, creates the special, dematerialized aesthetic.
The BlingCrete™ surface is activated depending on the position of surface, light source, and recipient. The concrete changes from a passive to an active state. BlingCrete™ aims to transform any ordinary space into a highly immersive or interactive environment by lowtech analogue modes. It can be regarded as an analogue interactive surface. BlingCrete™ is the concept of a material admitting the creation of subtle surfaces that manage to mediate between material and light and thus indirectly refer to the relationship between mass and surface. Surfaces that do not represent a static energy state, but rather permit a flowing transition to formulation and set the architecture in motion, as it were. The attention shifts from the appearance of a material to the performance of surfaces.
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BlingCrete™ – Light reflecting Concrete


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Material Vision

Frankfurt am Main

at Material Vision, Frakfurt a.M.
24 – 26 Mai 2011
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if gold award


The Munich Creative Business Week (MCBW) provided the backdrop for the presentation of
the iF awards at BMW Welt in Munich, held on February10, 2012. BlingCrete™ received one of the coveted iF gold awards for highly innovative material development and outstanding design achievements.
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International Tunneling & Underground Spaces Award


BlingCrete™ is winner of the the International Tunneling & Underground Spaces Award. The award recognises excellence in the delivery of international tunnelling and underground space projects. The prize was awarded on Dec 4 at The Grosvenor House in London.
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BAU Munich

Nanotechnologie & Bionik – Hightec in der Bauwirtschaft

BLINGCRETE™ – light-reflecting concrete – is shown in the exhibition Nanotechnologie & Bionik – Hightec in der Bauwirtschaft. This exhibition presented by the German Federal Ministery of Economics and Technology BMWi at the BAU 2011 in Munich examines high-tech strategies for the construction industry.
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Design PlusAward


BlingCrete™ receives the Design Plus Award 2011.
 S M T

Studies in Material Thinking

In their contrtibution to SMT #8, Heike Klussmann and Thorsten Klooster describe the development of BlingCrete™ – Materials Development as Transdisciplinary Research Process

Studies in Material Thinking is an international journal that reports on the peer reviewed work of artists, designers and writers. It is a vehicle to support the communication and critique of artistic and design research from the vantage point of both the materiality and the poetics of creative research. The journal aims to develop a series of divergent positions, critical approaches and contestations around the term ‘material thinking’, centred as it is on an understanding of making, invention, design, creative practice and research methodology.
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Akademie Schloss Solitude Stuttgart

Artistic Research

On the occasion of the workshop »Artistic Research as Aesthetic Science?« Heike Klussmann and Thorsten Klooster present their transdisciplinary project BlingCrete at the Akademie Schloss Solitude, Stuttgart.

Art research as »aesthetic science« is conceived as a process that utilizes artists’ specific knowledge, working methods, and competence and applies them to other contexts outside of the art system. It is neither research about art that then lies in the field of science of art, nor is it research with art that genuinely characterizes artistic production. Central to the discussion are forms of sensual insight that are combined with scientific practices to generate new knowledge.

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 Bling Crete,  Heike- Klussmann,  National Glass Center Sunderland

National Glass Centre


In architecture the façade of a building has always been a key design feature - defining the identity, or face, of a building. This exhibition will explore through artists’ and architects’ work, how facades can be used to both reveal and conceal – and often what, upon closer scrutiny, lies beneath the surface: the tension between appearance and reality. One of the most striking architectural developments over the last 50 years has been the increasing presence of glass façades, which have become all but ubiquitous, at least in larger towns and cities, affecting both our environment and people’s lives. Firstly shops, then offices and more recently apartment blocks have been clad increasingly in ever greater expanses of glazing.

This exhibition explores some of the origins of this in the radical writings and architecture of the 1910s onwards, the subsequent development of glass technologies, and the range of its manifestations and effects since. It also throws this seeming ‘triumph of transparency’ into relief, by contrasting it with its inverse: the blank, dark or broken/blind façade in architecture. And reflecting contemporary developments, it will look at how new glazed-façade technology seems to metamorphose between the transparent and the opaque, hinting at a more ambiguous play between material surface and its depth - what lies beneath.

With: Heike Klussmann / Thorsten Klooster/ Alexander Apóstol / Foster + Partners / Gelitin / Gregor Schneider / Ian Kiaer / Jeffrey Sarmiento/ Michael Raedecker / Mossessian and Partners / Ola Kohlemainen / Phil Coy / Sauerbruch Hutton. Curated by Rob Wilson
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Material Revolution


BlingCrete In: Material Revolution, ed. Sascha Peters, Birkhäuser Publishers, 2011
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Smart Surfaces – and their Application in Architecture and Design

Heike Klussmann: BlingCrete™
in Smart Surfaces – and their Application in Architecture and Design, ed. Thorsten Klooster, Verlag Birkhäuser
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BlINGCRETE™ / extract from indexcards, 15 x 18 cm, 86 cards

Name: BlingCrete™
Characteristics: Light reflecting concrete
Substrate: High performance or ultra high
performance concrete
Substrate colours: Greyscale variety from white to anthracite and all RAL-colours
Sizes of glass beads: 0,7 mm to 7 mm, with 4 mm as a standard size (alkali-resistant)
Element shapes: Plane, angular or rounded
(concave / convex)
Surface layouts: Grid, Random, Flux
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Bauwelt 35|2011


Bauwelt 35|2011 publishes an interview with Heike Klussmann and Thorsten Klooster about Blingcrete™.
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BlingCrete™ at the DMY International Design Festival Berlin, 01 - 05 June 2011